General Services Department

The General Service Department is responsible for general services such as Transport Administration, Utility Services, Store Management, Facility Management, and Maintenance services, Office Allocation, Security and other Special Assignments.

This is as a result of the restructuring of agencies and service programmes within Institution and Organs of the Federal Government. The Department has two Divisions – General Services and Maintenance each of which is headed by a Deputy Director.


Activities/Functions of the General Services Department

  • The Store Unit of the Department has been meeting up with the requests for items in the day to day running of the Ministry
  • Carrying out services in the Ministry in relation to their core mandate for better service delivery.

Mr. Bala Abdulrazak 

Mr Bala Abdulrazak, Director General Services Department Ministry of Petroleum Resources was born on 12th July, 1963 in Tsagem town,Mani Local Government Area of  Katsina State. He attended Ahmadu Bello University where he obtained BA (Public Administration) in 1987 and Masters in Public Administration in 2008 from same University.

He was first employed by Katsina Sate Government on 15th November, 1988 and later transferred his services to the Federal Civil Service in 1993.

Since joining the Federal Civil Service, Mr. Bala Abudulrazak has served in different capacities across Ministries.​