7 Big Wins

The 7 Big Wins to Grow the Nigerian Oil & Gas Industry is aimed at developing a stable and enabling oil and gas landscape with improved transparency, efficiency, stable investment climate, and a well protected environment.

The ongoing reform in the sector presents a new dawn for Africa and we are excited about it. It shall provide huge investment opportunities in infrastructure development, oil and gas facilities, operations, and maintenance across the oil and gas value chain.

This effort requires innovative thinking, new ideas, technology and partnership amongst various stakeholders. Such partnerships will enable us improve oil and gas production from our new, mature, and marginal fields, explore our frontier basins and improve our local refining capacity.

We will leverage on our liberalised downstream environment to attract investment into our high value portfolio of products distribution and storage assets network. Furthermore, we will also unveil a set of enabling policies and regulation that will jumpstart our gas industry through the establishment of robust infrastructure, gas based industries – petrochemicals plants, fertilizer, methanol and LPG/CNG programs.

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