The Minister of State, Petroleum Resources shall be responsible for the overall co-ordination of all activities in the Petroleum industry and shall exercise general supervision over all institutions in the industry.

Functions and Power of the Minister of State

  • The responsibilities of the Minister of State include but not limited to the following:
  • Represent the Federal Government in all transactions between the Government and any other person in respect of any matter in the Petroleum industry
  • Administer and exercise supervisory functions over the affairs and operations of the Petroleum industry
  • Report development in the Petroleum industry to Federal Executive Council annually
  • Advise the Federal Government on all areas pertaining to the oil and gas industry
  • Advise the President as to the appointments of the chief executive officers of the Ministry‚Äôs Parastatals
  • Represents and negotiate on behalf of Nigeria in international organizations that are primarily concerned with the Petroleum industry
  • Have access at all time to areas covered by existing licenses, leases or contracts including refineries, storage depots, plant and stations of every description

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